Air Purifiers
The AtmosphAir range removes:



Smoke/Harmful Chemicals

Pet Dander


Mould Spores


Why do you need AtmosphAir?

Masks not required. Hand sanitisers disappearing. Don’t worry, the AtmosphAir range has you covered. Delivering a variety of health and business benefits! Utilising HEPA 13 technology AtmosphAir focuses on eliminating air contaminants, providing a cleaner environment for business to thrive.

A safer environment reduces staff absences, a vital area of medical businesses, from viruses, flu and colds therefore reducing expensive recruitment costs. Additionally, AtmosphAir products provide reassurance to staff, friends, family and prospective clients that you’re actively caring for their well-being.

AtmosphAir Suite

AtmosphAir Explained:

Complex products require simple explanations! Press ‘Start Demo’ for a visual breakdown of the A58H from the AtmosphAir range, highlighting the several technologies implemented into this range.

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