Winter: How to improve indoor air quality

Winter is a time when some look forward to cosy nights in, and others worry about the dreaded piercing cold weather. The decrease in temperature forces increased hours indoors with windows shut, around the fireplace or TV rather than outside on walks or sunbathing. Spending more hours inside with reduced air circulation allows air to become stagnant, and irritants start to settle, leading to the worst indoor air quality levels of the year… estimated 2-5x more polluted than the air outdoors! The effects of this create what we now know as “The Flu Season."

Improve air quality this winter with the AtmosphAir range

Decreased ventilation paired with heating reduces the amount of airflow coming in and out of the building, meaning airborne particles are more likely to settle in, creating an environment where viruses and bacteria sit and wait to find a host rather than be forced out through circulated air. The air is also more likely to contain mould spores due to high indoor temperatures and moisture levels. These spores can cause expensive damage to your home and health during this season.

Don’t worry; it’s not all doom and gloom… this is where the AtmosphAir range comes into play, delivering a 99.97% airborne contaminant-free environment this winter. Using antibacterial and HEPA 13 medical-grade technology helps remove circulating viruses, bacteria, smoke, mould, AND dust particles, proving to be highly beneficial in the winter as you safely enjoy time with friends and family, celebrating all the occasions that winter brings.

AtmosphAir Products

Use the modern AtmosphAir range from Smart Well-Being Solutions to protect your friends and family in your home this winter. No matter how ample the space is, from large open rooms to small studies, AtmosphAir has you covered with five different size air purifiers, up to 96m2.

Explore our choose your space page to find your recommended air purifier or get in touch for further information.

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