“I recently purchased an AtmosphAir A42 purifier for my home-based salon, after looking into the benefits that they provide for health reasons.

The purifier was very slick and fit in perfectly with the style of salon, did not look out of place or an eye sore.

Once turned on the purifier immediately started freshening the air and could tell from the on-screen display that there were a few pollutants around as the display lit up in amber.

As I use a lot of chemicals for colours and sprays for hair, every time I used one the purifier detected this and worked the fan up to be able to eliminate them.

After 2 days of constant use, I could already feel the air was clean and had a fresh feel to it, no longer suffering with headaches that these chemicals and sprays give after a lot of use.

My clients have also noticed that the air feels a lot more clean and crisp having the purifier running throughout the days.”

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