Absolutely delighted with my A24 Air Purifier. Have really noticed such a difference in my breathing and my cough has improved so much that I hardly notice it now. Feel a lot more active. Great product, can highly recommend this purifier.


I purchased an A42 unit, it is great and keeps the air pure and flowing. We have it in our hall way and it provides enough air for the bedrooms also. Since installing the unit my partner's Asthma has improved and she no longer coughs in the mornings. We are very pleased with our purchase and would highly recommend.

Martin H

I’ve had an A58H AtmosphAir purifier from Smart Well-Being Solutions in a shared office since July and to be honest it’s been amazing!

Working on the same industrial estate as a waste recycling centre, the air can feel a bit harsh; however since plugging in the air purifier, the air in my office feels far fresher and much more comfortable.

I also work in a very smart office and the AtmosphAir fits right in with the décor, maintaining the modern standards of the office.

The best thing for me personally is how much it has reduced my coughing! I’ve always been one to consistently cough however when working in the office, my coughing has pretty much been eliminated and it is since I plugged in the purifier.

Would definitely recommend!

Chris G

We bought the A24 purifier several months ago now and use it in our downstairs lounge/study/dining area for purifying indoor air.
I suffer with lots of allergies and I'm affected by pollen and the purifier has dramatically reduced my need for my inhaler. The air also seems fresher.
We're very happy with our purchase.


Love my A42 unit. Very stylish. It sits unobtrusively in my office whirring into life whenever the local air quality drops. I did a bit of reading up before selecting the AtmosphAir unit. It has true HEPA 13 grade filters which many units in stores do not. Peace of mind.

Anna H

Being a painter and decorator I started thinking how I could make the work safer due to the chemicals that lie in all paints. I have recently starting using the AtmosphAir A13H to see if I noticed a difference. Within a few minutes I noticed the air was clean and pure.
It’s even more affective when using the spray machines. Would highly recommend to anyone who works with hazardous paints. 5 star!!

Ross N

Blocked nose, headache, watering eyes you name it… I have been struggling with Sinusitis all my life until I came across The AtmosphAir A13H

The AtmosphAir A13H is truly an excellent bit of kit which has helped feel better than ever, making me refreshed, focused and the best part no more worrying about keeping extra tissues in my pocket!

George R - Personal Use

“I recently purchased an AtmosphAir A42 purifier for my home-based salon, after looking into the benefits that they provide for health reasons.

The purifier was very slick and fit in perfectly with the style of salon, did not look out of place or an eye sore.

Once turned on the purifier immediately started freshening the air and could tell from the on-screen display that there were a few pollutants around as the display lit up in amber.

As I use a lot of chemicals for colours and sprays for hair, every time I used one the purifier detected this and worked the fan up to be able to eliminate them.

After 2 days of constant use, I could already feel the air was clean and had a fresh feel to it, no longer suffering with headaches that these chemicals and sprays give after a lot of use.

My clients have also noticed that the air feels a lot more clean and crisp having the purifier running throughout the days.”

Jennifer S- JY Hair

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